Temporary Accounts

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Temporary accounts can be created for contractors, researchers, or other university partners.   Temporary accounts have a termination date when the account will automatically become inactive. Clients can also use this service to extend access to temporary accounts past the initial termination date.

Services that can be requested include:

  1. Workstation Access
  2. U of L Wireless Access
  3. Email Account
  4. VPN Access
  5. Files Access
  6. Moodle Access
How do I request this service?: 

All temporary accounts must have a University sponsor fill out an online request form which is located at:  http://www.uleth.ca/it/temporary-account-request

What is the cost for this service?: 

There is no cost for this service, as it is funded by the University.

When is this service available?: 

Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

How do I get help with this service?: 

Please contact the ITS Solutions Centre for assistance with this service (403-329-2490, help@uleth.ca, or Room TH218, Turcotte Hall).

Who can use this service?: 
Service Provider: 
Solutions Centre
Service Category: 
Email, Calendar, and Collaboration
Logins and Passwords