Backup Services

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IT Services provides back-up services and will work with users to ensure their critical data is backed up in a safe and timely manner.

Central storage for most users has some sort of online snapshot / "Previous Versions" available to recover the more common file deletion or corruption issues that are encountered day to day.

How do I request this service?: 

Contact the IT Solution Centre to request this service.

What is the cost for this service?: 

There is no cost for this service, as it is funded by the University.

When is this service available?: 

Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

How do I get help with this service?: 

Please contact the ITS Solutions Centre for assistance with this service (403-329-2490,, or Room TH218, Turcotte Hall).

Who can use this service?: 
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Storage and Backups