Articles pertaining to privacy concerns and protection of Personally Identifiable Information

500 million Yahoo accounts compromised

As reported on major news outlets yesterday, Yahoo has just announced a security breach that occured in 2014 which has resulted in the loss of information affecting approximately 500 million of their user accounts.  The attack appears to have been sophisticated and involving a nation state sponsered attacker.  Nation state attackers are usually funded and directed by a foreign government, however these claims have yet to be substantiated and should be treated with caution.  

Student in Kentucky arrested after stealing Professors password

Recently, a student in Kentucky was arrested for hacking after he stole he Professor's username and password.  He used these credentials to log into the grade system and modified his and 4 other's grades to an A.  Unfortunately, this little lapse in judgement will likely cost the student his post secondary career and limit his potential in the future.  This also serves as a reminder to us all that our usernames and passwords should be protected at all times.  We never know who is watching and what their intentions might be.  For additional information please see the link below.

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