Java Exploit Alert

Notice Date: Aug 31, 2012
What is this IT Services Notice about?
A recent defect in Java version 7 is being actively exploited across the internet.  Java is a piece of software on your computer that runs certain applications and webpages, giving them more functionality. It is generally installed on all Windows and Mac machines at some point in their life.  This particular issue would allow an attacker to run unauthorized software on your computer without your knowledge or consent and would result in malware, viruses, or other suspicious programs being installed on your computer.  A fix is now available and all users are encouraged to update their software as soon as possible.
When will this happen?
The issue was first disclosed publicly on August 26, 2012, but attackers may have been using the defect for weeks before it was detected by security professionals.
Why is this happening?
Unfortunately, software defects and security exploits are becoming all too common on the internet.  It is important to inform users of these security risks in order to remediate them.
How does this affect me?
All users will need to perform the following actions on their windows systems.  If MAC users have proactively installed Java 7 manually and not through the Apple software update interface, they will also be affected.
Validate the version of Java you are currently running:
On the control panel of Windows, open the Java icon and click the about button in the general tab to determine your version
If you have version 6 you are not affected by this defect
If you have version 7 and release version 1-6, you are affected
                Mac users should go into Applications, then into Utilities, and select the “Terminal”
                Enter “java –version” into the terminal window to see your revision
If you are affected, point your internet browser to and download the latest release for your system by clicking on the “Free Java Download” button.
Further details:
A summary of the defect can be found here, for those that want additional details.
For assistance:
If you have other questions or concerns, please contact the ITS Solutions Centre:
Phone: 403-329-2490