Information Security Courses

Employee Security Awareness Training

The University has partnered with a company called KnowBe4 to provide training for all full-time, continuing faculty and staff members. Eligible employees will receive emails alerting them when a training program has begun. You can access your training by going to the KnowBe4 login page using the button below.

There are many training courses available to use through this program. Anyone considering additional training for themselves or their team can contact the Information Management and Security Office for more information.

Login to KnowBe4

Security Awareness Training for Students, Employees and Family Members

As part of our partnership with KnowBe4, we can offer access to a training course to all students, employees, family members, etc. The training covers a wide array of topics to help keep you and your family safe online. If you would like access to the training, please contact the Solutions Centre. You can reach them by email at or by phone at 403-329-2490 (2490 internally).

Further Security Awareness Training

The University has also licensed another online Security Awareness course for students, staff, and faculty.  It provides information about topics such as:

  • Protecting your personal information
  • Learning to identify scams
  • Privacy rights
  • Reporting responsibilities

We encourage everyone to sign up and give it a go.  It only takes about 1.5 hours, and can be done in multiple sessions.  You don't have to complete it all at once.

To access the course, please click on the button below.

Phishing Course

We have also created a short 10 minute course on identity theft and phishing attacks for those that want a quick education on a very popular threat.

Try it out, it only takes a few minutes

To access the course, please click on the button below.

The Province of Alberta - Information Security Courses

The Provincial Government has granted the University access to their online courses. Please feel free to try them out.

Landing Page

Protecting Information When Working Offsite

Phishing and Social Engineering

Malware and Ransomware

Safe Document Handling

Data Storage Standard Course

As part of our compliance efforts with the new Data Storage Standard, a short 20 minute course on how to classify information and determine appropriate storage locations has been created for your benefit. This course needs to be taken every 2 years for all staff and faculty.

To access the course, please click on the button below.

Encryption Course

To give users some training on encryption options available to them on their windows and mac based machines, a tutorial has been created to guide them through this tricky topic.

To access the course, please click on the button below.