Google Apps @ U of L

The University's students and alumni are on Google Apps for Education. This means that all students and alumni can utilize Gmail (with an email address), Google Calendar, and Google Drive. Your account has 30GB of storage shared across Gmail and Google Drive!

Access Google Apps on the web

To go to your Gmail inbox, go to Google Apps uses the University's single sign-on system, which is also used by the Portal, Moodle, and many other sites, so you can sign in using your U of L username (the part before "" in your email address) and password.

Access Google Apps on your smartphone or tablet

More information on Google Apps


Email with loads of storage and a great search feature so you can find the email you're looking for quickly, even if you aren't using labels to sort your messages. More about Gmail...


Plan meetings with other students and keep track of all the events you're planning to attend. You can easily create multiple calendars and share them with others. More about Google Calendar...


Create, share, and collaborate in real-time on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. More about Google Drive...

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