Office 365 known migration issues - read them here

Before updating to Office 365 on campus it’s a good idea to review the following list of potential difficulties that you may encounter.  Here are the issues that were identified during our test period and some helpful hints to avoid them:

Auto-Reply settings irregularities:
Users who have auto-reply settings (e.g. vacation messages) configured for their email when they are migrated to the new server may have erratic behavior after the migration is complete.  For example, auto-reply settings that are scheduled to expire may continue after the expiry date/time.  Should this issue occur, users may resolve it by going in to the Outlook Web App and toggling auto-reply on/off once in order to update the setting.  Other email settings may not be carried over perfectly during the migration so it’s a good idea to check all your customizations after migration (folder retention, forwarding rules, etc.)


Mobile device app/account configuration:
Due to the wide variety of potential email client software and mobile OS versions, not all configurations for mobile devices will update seamlessly of their own accord.  Users with 3rd party mail applications in particular may need to re-enter their account information to get access to mail once the migration is complete.  Generally speaking, users should test their mobile devices after the migration is finished and if they notice any inconsistencies, delete and re-create their mail account on the device to ensure smooth operation.  For users that have customized or 3rd party mail clients it may also be advisable to re-install these products if any strange behavior is noted.

Check our online resources for details to configure your mobile device for email.


OneDrive for business doesn’t need to be installed manually on Windows.
The OneDrive software will install itself as part of the office package that is downloaded from the office portal and does not need to be installed separately.  Once the Office suite is installed, you should have a new start menu item for OneDrive that is preconfigured for use with your University of Lethbridge account.

Windows 10 upgrade issues:
If you have upgraded to Office 365 and subsequently upgraded your operating system to Windows 10
you may notice some problems with the office suite.  The current workaround for these cases is to remove and reinstall the office suite after the operating system upgrade is complete.  You may also want to delete the license for that workstation and allow it to be re-created after the fresh install.

Here is a link that explains how to deactivate your Office 365 licenses: