Computer Lab Guidelines Pertaining to Computer Lab Software Installation

Software can be added to any of the Student Computer Labs.

Key Points

    • Ideally, arrangements will be made in advance, preferably in the semester that precedes the one in which the software will be required. 
    • All software must be appropriately licensed.
    • IT requires a minimum of 20 working days to install software in the Student Labs. This timeline assumes that licensing is in place and that installation media is available.
    • If it interferes with existing programs or causes security concerns, IT reserves the right not to install specific software programs.
    • All requests for software installations in the Student Computer Labs should be submitted to:

How Software Installation is Done:

Installing software in the Student Computer Labs is a much more rigorous process than on home computers.

Considering Existing Lab Software

      • A list of the software currently installed in the Student Computer Labs is available at Computer Lab Software
      • The Department of Information Technology is responsible for licensing software to be used by a broad base of academic departments.
      • Instructors are cautioned against relying on the availability of software owned by other departments or faculties. It could be upgraded or removed at any time. The Student Computer Lab Supervisor maintains a list of the current licence holders.
      • Centrally-provided software is typically only upgraded during the summer semesters.

Acquiring Licensing

      • If the software is new and course-specific, instructors must make their own purchase arrangements. It may be useful to consult with the Student Computer Lab Supervisor.
      • Instructors should be aware that the software packages often included with textbooks are not generally licensed for use in a teaching lab.
      • Instructors should note that shareware and evaluation copies are not licensed for use in a teaching lab.
      • Instructors should note that acquiring licensing often takes several weeks, particularly if the purchase has a funding request.
      • Before installing any software, the Student Computer Lab Supervisor will require proof of licensing.

Acquiring Installation Media/Software

      • Instructors should note that even after funding has been granted, the request for software must go through a university requisition process, a vendor process and finally a delivery process.

Modifying the Computer Back-up Image

      • Software is installed onto a back-up image of the Computer Labs equipment.


      • There are a number of problems that can occur when installing software into a lab environment.
        • Software is sometimes designed for an older operating system.
        • Software is not always designed for a multi-user environment.
        • The new software may not be fully compatible with existing software programs.
      • It is assumed that instructors are knowledgeable with the features and functions that they will require for their classes. Instructors are thus responsible for testing all application features.


      • Because restores are time-consuming and limit lab access, they can only be done during non-peak hours.


Please contact the Solution Centre to initiate a request at (403)329-2490 or