PMO Overview

Welcome to the University of Lethbridge Project Management Office (PMO).

Our role at the University is to work with all of the members of the University community who have problems or improvements with how they operate that they believe technology will play a role in addressing.

Our team of IT specialsits are trained in Project Management, Business Analysis, and Change Management to help you go through the full process of fully defining your need for a solution that will address the root cause of your problem or the improvement you wish to see. We work to help you understand the options available to you in terms of if a technology solution is the best fit for what you want to do, what technologies may already exist at the University that will cover your need, and guide you through the process of making buy/build decisions. Once you have selected a solution, our specialists will help you with designing what the final solution will look like and help you with vendor engagement and RFP/RFQ support, if you opt to build something internally we will act as your liaison between the ITS technical teams and take an active role in the development of your system to help translate the business goals of your system to the technical staff. Finally, once a solution is built or purchased our team will help guide you through implementing, testing, training and communicating your solution to other stakeholders to ensure that it addresses the initial need as well as maximizes the value to the University.

Specifically, our team operates with a mandate to provide full service Project Management support to IT and Business Process projects across campus.

Our processes are based on industry-leading best practices brought together from the extensive combination of private sector and post-secondary experience of the members of the PMO team. Our diverse group of staff have experience in a wide range of industries and academic institutions, from Oil and Gas to Management Consulting and from academies in Alberta to Argentina. We have brought together all of that knowledge and experience, leveraging the combined over 75 years working experience of our staff, to create a fit-for-purpose service offering that incorporates the best of what others are doing while addressing the specific needs of the UofL.

The other pages in this section describe who we are, the University's project governance framework, the PMO teams's approach to Project Management, and lots of other information about how we are helping drive the University's technological landscape forward through innovation and stakeholder engagement.