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Password Change and Reset

Please Note:

Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) for Former Employees and Alumni has not been...

Spear Phishing Attacks


500 million Yahoo accounts compromised

As reported on major news outlets yesterday, Yahoo has just announced a security breach that occured in 2014 which...

Student in Kentucky arrested after stealing Professors password

Recently, a student in Kentucky was arrested for hacking after he stole he Professor's username and password.  He...

O365 users targeted in Ransomware phishing attack

O365 users were recently targeted by a 0-day Ransomware type attack.  It goes to show that even the big players can’...

Suspicious Emails with Attachments

Recently, the University, and other organizations nationwide have been experiencing an increase...

Canadian Internet Providers may not be protecting your privacy

A recent study by CBC has revealed that the largest internet service providers in Canada may not be protecting...

Major news outlet sites hacked

The University of Lethbrige has received an independent report from a trusted source that the...

Sony PlayStation Services attacked

According to recent news reports the online Sony PlayStation services experienced a severe interruption in services...

Ebay data breach

Yesterday, a public notification from Ebay informed its users that there had been a significant data breach at the...