Support & Troubleshooting - DVD/VCR Player

Adjust the tracking control on the VCR remote. Make sure the tape you are using is in good condition and that it is in NTSC format. If you have access to another VCR, test your tape to make sure that the problem is not caused by a faulty tape.

If the tape is jammed or the VCR contains any debris, it may immediately eject the tape or fail to play properly (stop unexpectedly). This is almost always caused by old or damaged tapes. Check to ensure that there is nothing in the path of the tape, and that the tape is clean and in good condition. Material borrowed from the library may be transferred to a new tape when the condition is degraded.

This is either caused by the projector being set to the wrong tape format, or by using a PAL tape in an NTSC player. Imported tapes may use the PAL (european) standard which is not compatible with our VHS players. Check the projector menu to make sure the video format is set to NTSC and if you have a PAL tape, contact CRDC media services to have it transferred to NTSC format.

You may be using the incorrect remote. The projector remotes have a similar appearance. Make sure you are using either the Panasonic or Toshiba remote (as indicated on the front of the DVD player) and that the remote has working batteries. Spare batteries are located in the desk cabinet.

The DVD/VHS player may be set to the wrong audio mode. Since the classroom sound systems are monaural, you will have to make sure that the DVD/VHS player is set to SAP MONO as well. This can be done my pressing the ‘set up’ button on the DVD/VHS remote. Select ‘audio’ and then choose MONO from the list.