Staying Connected with COVID-19

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The largest hurdle to face when working from home is a feeling of isolation. Extended periods of time alone, especially when you’re not used to it, can leave you feeling anxious, uneasy and lonely. These feelings can be compounded by our current circumstances.

Make a point of speaking with at least one person on your team each day. Take time to connect with co-workers on a personal level, the same way you would if you were at the office — those extra moments go a long way.


Ideas for staying connected with your work team - Your gatherings could be as simple as a short ten minute video call break, which means you can schedule regular online get-togethers.

  • Teams/Zoom group chats – Issue virtual challenges to your remote teams. Could include the following themes:
  • favorite song and video clip;
  • favorite travel destination and photos; etc. 
  • Throwback Thursday: Invite your teammates to share an old photo with the team. Questionable fashion choices encouraged!
  • Dinner date: Ask your team to share drool-worthy meal photos, whether homemade or takeout.
  • Never-ending story: One team member creates an Instagram story that ends with a challenge to another teammate. That teammate responds via story, prompting another colleague.
  • Tag a teammate: Post pictures of famous groups such as The Avengers, Disney character, the cast of the Simpsons. Ask group members to tag each character with a corresponding teammate.
  • Book a weekly coffee meeting – drop in – if you can attend great, if not maybe you can join next week.
  • Have a virtual Scavenger Hunt – Ideas and sample lists here. Included are suggestions for students and kids.

Plan Fall/Winter Activities as a Team - Celebrate the changing of seasons with some socially distanced and virtual fall activities! Head to one of the city's many parks, dress warmly, and have a cookout!   Lethbridge has also adjusted some traditional winter activities to respect the new COVID-19 guidelines – Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden has events such as the Winter LIght Festival and Shakespeare Meets Dickens. Advance tickets required.

There’s lots going on with the U of L Fine Arts programs as well as local and around the world events.

1. View an Online Art Exhibit or Explore Your Own Artsy Side:

Get involved with the U of L Fine Arts on-line programs.  Culture Vulture from Home – great arts and crafts videos geared to be flexible for all ages from kindergarten to adult, and use accessible household materials.

Join Knitting at Noon From Your Room – with the Art Gallery folks. Same as always, just on-screen now. Open to all, experienced crafty folk can use their own projects or newcomers can try making a granny square with the assistance of gallery staff and volunteers. The program provides an opportunity for an informal social event to swap knitting tips, learn a new skill or just enjoy social interaction.

Check out other regularly scheduled events and art collections on the U of L Art Gallery Facebook page.

2. University of Lethbridge Fine Arts schedules events on a regular basis including:

Art NOW series, Architecture & Design NOW Series, Music at Noon Series and Drama Mainstage. Check out their line up and plan to attend with a colleague, friend or family member!

3. Many other famous museums from around the world have opened up virtual exhibits for you to explore the artwork.

4. Stream a Live Concert

Find your favourite artists on social media to see if they are live-streaming any of their music or shows.  New online performances are being announced daily and the Billboard has a running list you can check back on regularly.

5. Watch a Shakespearean Play

Stratford Festival and Shakespeare’s Globe are updating their pages regularly with new recordings of performances to watch in the comfort of your own home.  Catch a showing of Macbeth, Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet on your TV or computer with your favourite snacks.

6. Like to Read? Join the U of L Book Club. It’s a great way to find fresh reads and discuss them with other members of the University community.

Check out bird-cams; zoo cams, on-line travelling experiences, etc.

Connect with Nature and Animals

  • Bird Cams: A virtual window into the natural world of birds
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium: Tune in to a web cam to experience the wonder of the ocean
  • San Diego Zoo: Watch a live camera to observe the zoo animals
  • Many national parks are available for viewing thanks to Google Earth and Google Arts & Culture, including the Grand Canyon and Yosemite

Travel from the Comfort of your Couch

Send Snail Mail to Friends/Relatives, Even Co-workers

    Check out this article on different and unexpected ways to revel in snail mail.


    Not only does volunteering build a stronger, more connected community, but it also has some serious benefits for you, too.

    Mental Health – Volunteering helps you learn to think critically and creatively and this keeps your brain active and strong. Volunteering has even been linked to greater brain plasticity!

    Physical Health – Often volunteering requires you to be up and moving, utilizing hands-on skills to completed certain tasks. This has been linked with great longevity and graceful aging. And might even burn some calories!

    Emotional Health – We all need human connection, and chatting, laughing and even crying together softens the heart and opens the mind. Volunteers brings you closer with others. (from Volunteer Lethbridge)

    There a many different volunteer opportunities at the City of Lethbridge as well as other organizations in the city. Please have a look through some of the current opportunities for you to volunteer: