September Wellness Champion

September Wellness Champions – Financial Services Department

Craig Churchward, Dwayne Pepin, Mark Sera, Joel Makin, Gabe Krywolt (missing Dale Jeremias)


We would like to recognize the Financial Services Department for their initiative to have a ‘walking break’ everyday at 2:30 pm over the last 5 years. Although they referred to themselves as the, “Born to be Mild”  group, I hesitate to call their commitment to an active break throughout the day, as mild.

“It started out when more information was coming out about the dangers of being sedentary, so we decided to get up, move around, and stretch from our desks,” said Gabe Krywolt. “At first it revolved around getting food or coffee and then taking the long way back,” Gabe went on to say. “Eventually we ditched the coffee and it evolved purely into a walk and getting back to the desks refreshed,” added Craig Churchward.

The walking breaks, although informal, have become a regular part of their working days, developing campus routes dependent on the seasons. “We have a summer route and a winter route, and we named a route after Dwayne Pepin, called the ‘Dwayne Parkway’ that we take on special occasions,” says Gabe. Poor weather does not limit their walking breaks either, as they will modify to an indoor route.

“Other staff and faculty have approached me saying they have noticed us walking around,” Gabe says. Although the breaks usually consist of 5 – 6 Finance guys, they encourage others in their office or around campus to join. “We are always looking for new members, maybe it will turn into a membership, maybe we’ll get t-shirts,” Craig joked. These informal breaks can be a way to be social with your co-workers and to get up and move around, especially if you are working at a desk all day. It is an important practice we can all learn from the Finance Department. So, if you see them walking around, join them, and hear all about the topic of conversation with the “Born to be Mild” group.