October 2018 Wellness Champion

Pictured above: Ami-Marie Perry


October’s Wellness Champion is biking enthusiast, Ami-Marie Perry, from Enrolment Services.

Ami-Marie is passionate about biking. She recalls the fond memories she has of learning to bike as a child and how she took those skills and continued to use biking as a form of physical activity, transportation and just pure joy over the years. Ami-Marie explained that she bikes as much as possible and wherever she can go.

Ami-Marie has been biking for the past 26 years, ever since she first learned how to as a child. What first attracted Ami-Marie to biking was growing up on a farm. Ami- Marie said that biking was the easiest form of transportation and the best way to take the dogs out for a run.  It was also the best way to be able to see my friends who lived a few miles away before she could drive.

She got started like everyone else got started - with a lot of falling.  Ami-Marie says she is thankful for grass and soft landings!  She described herself as very stubborn, and that was the main driving force behind her success learning to ride a bicycle. She wanted to keep up with her brother, so she powered through the falls and one day it all just clicked, and she hasn't stopped riding since. Ami-Marie says that she is thankful that her Mum was there to help her clean up her scrapes from falling. She says that trying to learn on gravel wasn't always the easiest but having grass to fall on definitely helped ease any fear I had of falling because it was a softer landing.

Ami-Marie shared that if you’re interested in getting into biking, the most important thing is to find a bike that actually fits you and a good seat! Ami-Marie says that biking has affected her life positively, because every place that she has moved, she has had a bike and relied on it to get around.  When she was in university in Kelowna, she didn't have a vehicle so getting to work and back, getting groceries, and going to see her friends were all done on her bike.  Ami-Marie used public transit as well (thanks to the U-Pass that was provided) but it was much more convenient sometimes to just hop on her bike and go.

Please help us thank Ami-Marie for sharing her story, as well as congratulate her on leading a healthy lifestyle!