November 2018 Wellness Article

Hey Calgary! Are you ready to ride?

If you’ve been in downtown Calgary in the past week, you may have started to notice lime green bikes popping up everywhere. No, it is not the newest colour of the season—Calgary has a new bike share program! Biking is a great alternate transit option. It’s good exercise, gets you outdoors and is easier on the environment. Calgary has been taking strides towards being a more bike-friendly city, with its Bikeway plan that began in 2000. And while it still has a way to go, with a new bike share program, Calgary is taking steps to be more bike accessible.


Introducing Lime! Lime is Calgary’s newest urban mobility program in Calgary. The company has placed 372 new electric-assisted pedal bikes in the downtown area. These bikes have an integrated electric motor that gives a boost when ridden. Lime operates on a dockless system, meaning that when you're done with a bike, you just park it on the sidewalk and leave it for the next person. For the winter (November through March), Lime will be operating in the city centre, and then during the summer months (April through October) will operate citywide!

In the first week, 2,769 riders tried out the bikes. Heading into winter, this may seem like a strange time to roll out a bike program, however, Lime assures that their bikes are winter friendly and ready to take on our Calgary winter.

What is Bike Sharing? A bike sharing program is where bikes are made available for people to use (and share) on a short-term basis for a small fee. Members can sign up and are charged only for the time that they use the bike.


Interested in trying it out? Here’s some helpful information:

How to sign-up

To sign up, download the Lime app on your smartphone and create an account

How much does it cost?

Every ride will cost $1 to unlock the bike, plus $0.30 per minute you ride.

How to know where a bike is?

The app will show the exact location of all of the bikes in the area.

Do I need a helmet?

Yes—this is the one rule that makes you need to think about whether you want to pick up a bike. The city of Calgary states that all rides on an electric bike (including 18+) must wear a helmet.

Is there more information?

The Lime website has lots of information about how to use Lime, the rules for riding in Calgary and information about the bikes. For more information, check out


Happy riding!