Mindful Employer Sessions

U of L - Mindful Employer Sessions

At the University of Lethbridge, we know that the key to a productive workforce is a happy and healthy employee. Too often people focus on physical health when talking wellness but mental health is just as important. Currently, we offer several resources for U of L employees and have put together a session that touches on many issues that can affect one’s mental health in the workplace.

As a mindful employer, the U of L strives to:
  • Promote a mentally healthy workplace
  • Increase mental health awareness
  • Eliminate stigma around seeking help
  • Develop mindful managers
  • Support success at work

We are currently offering one hour sessions focused on four key components of mental health in the workplace; accommodation, resolving conflict, improving workplace relations, and responding to mental health issues. We would like to present one or all four of these sessions to your team at department meetings. You could choose one session that you think will be most helpful or we can come to the next four meeting to present all the sessions.

Please contact Suzanne McIntosh, Wellness & Recognition Manager for further information.


Active learning session that focuses on workplace issues, employer’s job expectations with the employees’ current abilities. Supports discussions with the employee on what they need to do their job successfully. Workshop focuses on accommodation that supports success for employees with mental disabilities, including conditions such as depression, anxiety, and addiction.

Resolving Conflict

Participants will explore the case and the approach, and decide for themselves what will work in a conflict situation example. Participants will look at approaches for conflict resolution, and the session will provide strategies to maintain dignity and respect for all involved, as well as clear guidelines to improve effectiveness.

Improving Workplace Relations

This session has been developed with an awareness that managers and employees who feel pressured to deliver results may be less mindful about the impact their words and actions might have on others. This has the potential to cause high levels of stress for everyone involved and can be especially challenging for those who are vulnerable to stress-related illnesses.
Participants will engage in a number of activities that are designed to help improve their interactions with others and contribute to more positive outcomes in their workplaces.

Responding To Mental Health Issues

Participants will look at strategies that can improve their comfort level and effectiveness when approaching an employee who appears to be struggling with a mental health issue.