May 2018 Wellness Champion

Pictured above: Brittney Nyrose

This month’s Wellness Champion is wake-surfing enthusiast and competitor, Brittney Nyrose. Brittney has spent a lot of time on the lake and has been an avid boater for many years now. Her family purchased a boat when she was around 11 or 12 years old as a family past-time. She has always enjoyed trying different boating related sports such as knee-boarding, tubing, and wakeboarding. One day, while on the lake, Brittney saw another boat with people wake surfing behind it. She was instantly intrigued and knew she needed to give it try for herself!

After just a few times testing the waters, Brittney was hooked! She started competing in the sport shortly after. She has now been wake-surfing competitively for the past 7 years. Brittney is completely self-taught and credits her friends and family for all the support they have given her over the years, in both encouragement and assisting her in training (as she always needs at least two people to help her out – a driver and a spotter).

Brittney explained wake-surfing as a relatively new sport that is growing very fast. There are four competitions held yearly in Canada that count as qualifiers to earn points for the World Series. There is lots of travel involved, as there are not a whole lot of competitions being held locally. Although, they are trying to bring in more local competitions in the Southern Alberta area. In fact, Nationals are being held in Chestermere this year, where Brittney will be competing. 

Brittney described the competitive world of wake-surfing. She explained that the World Series competition consists of 20 different events within the Series. Wake surfers compete in these series of events to earn qualifying points for the World Championships. These World Series events are held all over the place, including in places such as Japan and all over Europe. Brittney hasn’t been overseas yet, but she has high hopes to compete overseas in the future. Unfortunately, it is difficult for her right now because the season in Canada is so short due to our long winters. Due to the shortness of Canadian wake-surfing seasons, Brittney finds herself traveling almost every weekend in the summer to various competitions. Wake-surfing is a very time-consuming sport, she says it keeps her very busy.

Despite her busy schedules between her work, home and school life, Brittney has also found time over the past ten years to coach a middle school basketball team. Brittney also keeps busy in the winter by hitting the slopes. She says that snowboarding is a good way for her to cross-train in the winter.

Please help us to congratulate Brittney on her exemplary lifestyle and her dedication to her own athletic interests, as well as her dedication to helping youth find their passions and enhance their athletic skills.