May 2017 Wellness Champion

Wellness Champion- Cindy Matheson

Cindy Matheson (Financial Services- Cash Office) is on a major streak- a running streak.

As of April 26, Cindy has run every day for 1,064 days!

She  runs at least one mile per day and tries to log 14-20 miles a week, along with other activities. 

We asked Cindy about why she started this streak and how she stays motivated.
Why did you set this goal? I love to run & was getting frustrated with myself for taking too many days off.  I heard a story about a runner named Jon Sutherland – who at that time, had run every day for 44 years!! I figured I could commit ten minutes or so each day to run at least a mile.    
What is your motivation to continue with this running challenge?  It is a commitment to being active each day, I’m very grateful every day I get to run!
What if you are not feeling well? When I started my journey, the criteria was if I was in pain, or too sick, I could stop anytime.  So far, I’ve found a way to keep going no matter how I’ve been feeling.
We had a killer winter this year (lots of -30C)- do you take it indoors for those days or brave the cold? Love my treadmill, and get outside more in the warmer weather.  I try to get out to run up & down whoop a few times over the nicer months. 
What do you do on the days that are super hectic and a million last minute things pop up? For the most part, I get up early to run before work.  Once I ran at 1:30 AM because I was traveling, and made sure to get my run in that day before we left home. 
How do you motivate yourself on days you are tired?  I think of how far I’ve come, and how disappointed I would feel with myself if I skipped a day & gave up my running streak just for being tired. 
What has been the most rewarding part of this experience?  I love to run, it’s really hard!!  Every time I add another day, or finish a run I’ve entered it just makes me really happy to get to do something I enjoy every day.   
What advice would you give someone who wants to try a similar challenge?  Just go for it!!  If you think of it as committing to 10-12 minutes a day, it doesn’t seem so scary.  All of a sudden it’s something that you don’t’ even think about as it becomes such a habit.  This was my own commitment to being active & healthy.  I don’t compare myself to anyone, it’s all about my love of running.  When I started this journey, at the time it wasn’t a big deal.  Now I’m trying to keep it going for a few more years until my next “milestone” birthday. 

Way to go Cindy!!!