Heart Smart #Wellness Connected Challenge 2020

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this year's #WellnessConnected Challenge. We have all been trying to navigate the COVID-19 virus, other stressors and challenges and this has been a great motivator to keep our physical and mental health on track. Thanks to all who have shared how they 'Stay Well at the U of L' as well as other tips, photos and words of encouragement. 

Thank you to Horns Recreation - Specifically Shelia and Ian, Paula and Lorenzo - Trevor from the IT Webteam (we literally couldn't do this without you Trevor!) - and to Krysta for being such an enthusiastic volunteer and keeping our social media updated.
Stay well over the summer, be kind to yourself and to others.

This year's winners and Wellness Champions!


Cycling - Richard Larouche - 217,875 points
Other Physical Activity - Darren Christensen - 1,003,750 points
Rowing - Sienna Caspar - 96,250 points
Running - Richard Larouche - 639,448 points
Swimming - Asheley Cowie - 5220 points
Team Sport - Alison Pilsner - 6750 points
Walking - Jessica Davies - 553,673 points
Weight Training - Brandie Lea - 180,000 points
Yoga - Amanda Boschmann - 74,625 points

Most Badges - Sandy Witdouk - 25 badges!


Overall Team Winners (overall most points per team member) Rona Not Gunna Own Ya! The Health Centre Gals joined forces to each earn 668,568 points.  

14 teams/158 participants in this year's Challenge! Congratulate yourself for a job well done!