December 2018 Wellness Champion

Pictured above: Ana Aguilar

December’s Wellness Champion is running enthusiast, Ana Aguilar, from Financial Services. Ana is involved in both running and road biking.

Ana explained that she runs marathons. She first got into running around 20 years ago. She said that the sense of freedom and happiness she got from running is what first attracted her to do it on a regular basis. She got started in running, because her dad was a runner and he used to take her out with him, and it just became their thing!

Ana explained that once she started taking running more seriously and got into the competitive side of things, she sought out professional help. She hired a coach when she got into running marathons. She feels that having a coach helped her significantly in becoming a faster and more committed runner. Ana said while running she uses a few pieces of equipment, including, running shoes, a Garmin watch, a heart rate monitor and a hydration belt.

Through all the years Ana has spent running, she really found that neglecting rest day did not work at all. She said she usually ended up with injuries and advises that listening to your body is key. Ana suggests that if you’re wanting to get into running competitively, or just running regularly, that you commit to your training and listen to your body. She also suggests that if you are wanting to get started in running, but are not sure where to begin, or how to do it properly, to join a running group.  Ana said that if you want to improve as a runner, the quickest, most fun way to do so is to run with other people. Group runners tend to run more frequently as encouragement from buddies can counter the urge to blow off a workout.

Ana said that running has affected her life in a positive way. She explained that it has helped her to achieve balance in her life and has acted as her coping mechanism.

Please help us thank Ana in sharing her experiences and advice in regard to running, as well as congratulate her on leading a healthy lifestyle!