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Be(e) Heart Smart/ParticipACT Your Way to a Healthy Lifestyle 2019

We thank all participants for your involvement and support of our Heart Smart/ParticpACT Your Way to a Healthy Lifestyle Challenge, not only this year, but also for your continuous support over the years. We hope to see you all next year!  

38 people participated in the Food Drive and together donated a total of 252 items. 218 of the donations were high demand items. Thank you to all participants for your involvement in this year’s Heart Smart ParticipACTION challenge! We had a lot of great competition and involvement in extracurricular events to earn badges!

A big THANK YOU goes out to Kinesiology Student Krysta Nagel for this year's brains behind the weekly challenges and tips on Healthy Habits. We also appreciate Matt Monaghan, Kinesiology Student, as he volunteered his time and expertise to this year's challenge.

Big thanks to Trevor Flexhaug for being our behind the scenes wizard and setting up and keeping our website running smoothly! Also, thank you to Lukas Neamtu, and the Supporting Our Students committee; the team at the SU Food Bank; and all of our prize sponsors: Horns Recreation SRS; West Lethbridge Safeway; LA Chefs; Tony Roma's; Blue Cross. 

Thanks also to the Wellness Committee for this year's theme and support!


Check out the slide presentation of all photo submissions. 


Let us know how you are doing with maintaining your healthy habit over the next year and you could be awarded 5000 points for the 2020 Challenge. 

Snapshot of 2019

244 participants

2166 badges 

27 teams 

- Participants who achieved 1 million points or more

Terri Thomas- 2,284,615

Richard Larouche- 2,000,496

Priscilla Patel- 1,876,215

Taelynn Graham- 1,740,346

Jon Kozub- 1,573,895

Rachel Clarke- 1,488,809

Jessica Davies- 1,442,706

Heidi Shaw- 1,278,684

Darren Christensen- 1,139,250

Lacie Terpstra- 1,134,950

Devan McNeill- 1,117,075

Wim Chalmet- 1,112,892

Carolyn Gaebel- 1,063,619

Marissa Markle- 1,060,943

Lee Illes- 1,060,820

Allyssa Tuck- 1,046,817

Jeremiah Merkl- 1,035,383

Cindy Gaetz- 1,034,348

John Kometz- 1,029,634

Spencer Simkin- 1,010,622

Dan Koehler- 1,003,128

-Top employee in each physical activity category

  1. Cycling – Richard Larouche (Fit Happens)- 1,270,125 points
  2. Other Physical Activity – Terri Thomas (Housing Hustle & Muscle)- 1,739,650 points
  3. Rowing – Linda Gilbert (Between the Spreadsheets)- 89,687 points
  4. Running – Jon Kozub (Between the Spreadsheets)- 674,500 points
  5. Swimming – Susan Roulston (Beaches Be Crazy!)- 315,000 points 
  6. Team Sport – Faizan Ahmed (We run better than the Government)- 258,750 points
  7. Walking – Priscilla Patel (Housing Hustle & Muscle)- 1,323,542 points
  8. Weight Training – Michael Whipple (Between the Spreadsheets)- 141,000 points
  9. Yoga – Lacie Terpstra (Run Like The Winded)- 180,000 points

Draw prizes for healthy habits: Lori Weber (Run Like The Winded) & Carolyn Gaebel (Bibliotrekkers)

- Top Badge earner – Jessica Davies (Bibliotrekkers) - 35 badges

- Team prize for most average points overall

  • Mini Mees (Rachel Clarke, Lee Illes, Alison Conroy) - 1,134,203 points average   

- Team prize for most accumulated points overall

  • Fit Happens - 11,478,067
  • Between the Spreadsheets - 10,450,263

- Draw Prize Winners:

  • Maren Anderson
  • Mika Nakashima
  • Stewart Foss
  • Lukas Neamtu
  • Jennifer Zgurski 

- Best team name prize

  • We Run Better Than the Government - Calgary Campus (Brittany Gilmour, Karen Ogilvie, Mark Matias, Jocelyn Wiltshire, Robbin Derry, Faizan Ahmed, Lisa MacTavish, Katharine Howie)

- Team Spirit Prize:

Bibliotrekkers (Jessica Davies, Carolyn Gaebel, Betsy Greenless, Jacob Cameron, Nicole Eva, Bryson Duda, Gwen Umeris, Sharon French, Sara Eastman, Jacquiline Geneau, Romany Craig, Paula Cardozo)

- Runner- Up for Team Spirit:

Mini Mees (Rachel Clarke, Lee Illes, Alison Conroy)