August Wellness Champion 2018


August Wellness Champion

Pictured Above: Marina Christman’s twin boys

This month’s Wellness Champion is busy Mother of 3, Marina Christman, from SS - Accommodated Learning Centre.

Outside of work, Marina spends most of her time chasing her 2.5-year-old twin boys around the yard or playground. Marina also has a ten-year-old son that keeps her quite active. She found that the best way to burn off that energy most children seem to have, is getting them outside to run around in the fresh air!

Marina explained that they often go on walks to the park, attend swimming lessons, play in the backyard and more, to keep busy during the day. They started this routine when she had her oldest son, about ten years ago. They started doing activities together as a family and have kept up that tradition of staying active with their newest editions to the family. Although going out and about with the twins sounds fun, Marina does advise that leashes can help at times to keep her toddler twins (or as she refers to them) “aka flight risk velociraptors” from straying too far away from her or her husband while they are out on walks!

Marina shared that being active with her kids is fun and rewarding for her. To see how much fun they’re having, makes it fun for her too! She explains that being active together as a family not only reduces stress for them, but also brings out happiness in their lives as well. After her shoulder surgery last October, she found it hard to refrain from wrestling around with her boys, but she explains that physical setbacks like hers sure makes her grateful for the good health that she does have.

Marina is setting an exemplary example for her children through her active lifestyle. Please help us thank Marina for sharing her story, as well as congratulate her on leading a healthy lifestyle, even through the amazing chaos of motherhood!