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Performance Management - Appeals Process & Appeals Form

AUPE Performance Evaluation Appeals Process


The Appeal Process is a means for Employees and Supervisors to resolve disagreements involving the Performance Evaluation process. This Appeal Process does not in any way circumvent or prohibit an employee from the invocation of Article 12; Grievance Procedure.


All appeals:

  1. Are to be conducted with diplomacy and impartiality.
  2. Aspire to construct and provide the best possible information.
  3. Maintain confidentiality and respect for the individual.


If an Employee disagrees with the result of their Performance Evaluation, as conducted by their Supervisor, the Employee may appeal in writing to the Office of Human Resources. A request for appeal must be received within ten (10) Work Days of the date of the Employee’s signature on the Performance Evaluation. The deadline for all written appeals is the last work day in June. Late applications shall not be subject to appeal except under extraordinary circumstances as determined by the VP Finance and Admin. Submission of an appeal must be with the use of the Performance Evaluation Appeal Form.

Level 1

Following the receipt of an appeal, a member of the Human Resources Department will conduct a confidential investigation, gathering information in discussion with the Employee, the Supervisor, and where necessary other informed parties. A recommendation for resolution will be put forward by HR to the Supervisor and Employee. If an agreement cannot be reached at Level 1 then the appeal will move to Level 2 of the Appeals Process.

Level 2

The appeal will be brought before a Performance Evaluation Committee whose membership shall consist of three (3) AUPE Representatives, three (3) Representatives of the Board and a Facilitator from Human Resources. The committee members will remain consistent for all appeals relating to the evaluation period except in circumstances where members with a substantial personal or professional relationship with the employee under appeal shall not participate in the review.

The committee will consider the information collected by Human Resources in Level 1, as well as any relevant evidence that may be offered by the Employee and the Supervisor, and may seek out other sources that the committee deems to be of relevance to the appeal. The committee will have five (5) Work Days from the date the committee was convened to review the evidence and then formally issue a ruling.

Level 3

In the event that an agreement is not achieved in Level 2 the matter will continue as a grievance commencing at Step 2 of Article 12: Grievance Procedure.

Once a consensus has been reached and signed by all parties involved, at any point in the appeal process, the revised Performance Evaluation will be final and not subject to further appeal. All documentation will be forwarded to the Human Resources department and will remain confidential.

The employee may at anytime withdraw the appeal request by writing to the VP Finance and Admin who will inform the members of the committee.


Performance Evaluation Appeal Form