Performance Evaluation Form Basics


1.1 For Employees

For employees, getting around is pretty straightforward. All your evaluations are located on the same page, where you can click the links shown above to get to any current or previous Employee Evaluation or Self Evaluation.

Note: You won't be able to view your Employee Evaluation until your supervisor shares the document with you or completes it.

1.2 The 'Evaluate' tab (for Supervisors)

This tab will likely be your hub for accessing all the evaluations for your employees. The links on the left will take you to the Employee and Self Evaluations (respectively), and the tab also displays information regarding each employee's position(s) and the period in which they are active during the performance year.

Note: You won't be able to view your employees Self Evaluation until after they submit it or after the May 1st deadline.

1.3 The 'Approve' Tab (for Executives)

This tab will appear for those acting in an Executive position, and only when they have one or more evaluations to approve. These approvals will appear when the supervisor has completed the evaluation and the employee has acknowledged it.

1.4 The 'View All' tab

This tab can be used when you need to access evaluations from previous years, or those that involve employees reporting to a supervisor that you oversee.

You can perform searches by various criteria to limit the evaluations displayed including year, document status, name and organization. If available, the overall scores will be shown for the Employee and Self Evaluations.

The table near the bottom contains some summary statistics based on the evaluations above. This may be helpful to compare different organizations, supervisors, etc.


Along the top of the screen resides a menu bar which contains a handy way to jump around to different evaluations or different sections of the document. Simply put your mouse over any of the sections to reveal a pull down menu. You can use these menus to:

  • Jump between Employee Evaluations - selecting another name will take you to the same location on that employee's form.
  • Go to a different section within the same evaluation - if you need to skip to a section later in the evaluation, you don't have to visit each tab on the way there. Simply use the menu to jump to a different section.