Long Service Award Calculation Guidelines

1. Calculation of Continuous Service for the purpose of Long Service Awards Only

The University recognizes long service based on the following criteria:

  1. Differentiating service as being continuous service overall at the University of Lethbridge, rather than by continuous service only in certain employment appointment types.

  2. Recognizing that the academic year for the University is September to April, a full year for a Faculty member is a full teaching year and for a non-academic employee is the academic year, if they start between July 1 and September 1 of the first year.

  3. Defining a break in service as more than 3 months.

  4. Confirming that continuous service is:

    • not adjusted for: 

      • movement between employee groups;

      • seasonal layoffs i.e. sessional support staff;

      • part-time versus. full-time, i.e. working less than full time hours/week or less than a full course load;

      • paid leaves such as study, administration, maternity or sick leave;

      • unpaid leaves for Long Term Disability (LTD) or parental leave; and

      • other unpaid leaves of less than six months in duration.

    • adjusted for:

      • layoffs of six months or more in duration;

      • union, political and other unpaid leaves without pay of six months or more in duration; and

      • Clarifying that the following appointment types are not considered service:  Post Retirement Contracts, and Sessional Lecturers.

​​2. Rationale

Long service awards are a celebration of the continuous years of service an employee has contributed to the University of Lethbridge.

  1. To exclude short term appointments even when there has been no break in service is to suggest that work as a term, temporary or project employee was not valued.

  2. Employees who started between July 1 and September 1 in their first year, wish to be recognized together with the colleagues with whom they started their University of Lethbridge careers and it coincides with the academic year.

  3. The intent of the University is to recognize continuous service without significant breaks in service (defined as being three months or more).   Term breaks over the summer, weekends, Christmas break and statutory holidays are not included.

  4. Paid leaves are recognized as service, as are parental leaves and LTD, both of which relate to protected grounds under Human Rights.

The long service continuous service calculation has no impact on the employee's calculation of pensionable service or service/seniority/career progress as defined under the applicable collective agreement, or employment manual.   Subject to applicable legislation, these Guidelines will not be interpreted or applied so as to limit or amend the provisions contained in any collective agreement or employment manual entered into between the University and its employees.

3. Long Service Awards Ceremony

Employees are normally required to achieve the academic service year landmark before they are recognized at the Long Service Awards ceremony.  Retirements are recognized in the last year of work.

Exceptions may be made for the following:

  • Employees who take an administration leave and who have expressed the intent not to return to active service at the conclusion of the leave; or

  • Faculty members who are not returning to active service in the upcoming Fall semester; or

  • Employees who will not be returning to active service near or around the beginning of the upcoming Fall semester, or

  • Employees who have been on LTD for more than two years, with no expectation of return.