Board Negotiating Team Update Meeting with ULFA (Jan. 28, 2021)

January 29, 2021


The Board Negotiating Team met with the ULFA Negotiating Team on January 28, 2021, resulting in a useful and productive meeting, where good progress was made.

The January 28, 2021 meeting was used to reaffirm our mutual commitment to conduct that supports respectful and constructive bargaining. We jointly established a road map identifying the order in which the initial proposals exchanged on January 18, 2021 would be considered. Since the Parties had not presented their rationale and explanations for their proposals when initial proposals were exchanged, this will be an important element of upcoming meetings. There were also discussions with respect to the timing and length of future bargaining sessions. The Parties are in the process of scheduling two meetings in February.

Since both Parties previously agreed that Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) is of utmost importance to our University Community, proposals addressing this will be among the first for presentation and discussion. These discussions will be informed by the recommendations of the Joint Equity Committee, a committee that was established by both Parties during the last round of negotiations, and  which has been meeting over the past year.

Other items for review at the next two meetings will include:

  • A Teaching Professoriate;
  • Criteria for Performance Evaluation and associated review processes; and
  • Intellectual Property.

The Board Negotiating Team looks forward to fruitful and robust discussions at our next meetings.