Board Negotiating Team Update

February 9, 2021

The Board Negotiating Team met with the ULFA Negotiating Team on February 8, 2021 to review a number of Article revisions that were identified by the Parties in their exchange of proposals on January 18, 2021. The purpose of this review was to give the respective Parties an opportunity to explain the rationale for the changes that were proposed.

The ULFA Negotiating Team outlined the content of their proposals with respect to: Schedule E, Professional Activities Reports (PAR); their proposed re-organisation of Article 20, Promotion; and the possible creation of a Teaching Professoriate (which affects multiple articles). The Board Negotiating Team acknowledged the mutual goals of the Parties to make PAR and promotion procedures clearer and more functional. The key interests of the ULFA Negotiating Team with respect to their Teaching Professoriate proposal were more clearly articulated, which was particularly useful. Understanding the interests and goals of proposed language enables the parties to develop counter proposals that better consider their respective needs. 

The Board Negotiating Team reviewed their proposed changes to Article 3 regarding the processes for Amendments to the Collective Agreement. These primarily reflect protocol changes associated with virtual bargaining that the Parties discussed at the commencement of this round of negotiations.    

The negotiation session lasted three hours, with a number of caucuses for respective Teams to discuss what had been presented to them. Good progress was made, with the Parties gaining an improved understanding of respective positions. 

The Negotiating Teams will next meet on February 22, 2021, where Equity, Diversity and Inclusion proposals will be reviewed, along with the treatment of service duties in criteria for performance evaluation. Time permitting, an initial discussion on Schedule B, non-salary benefits will begin, as well as proposed changes to the Intellectual Property provisions of the Collective Agreement.

The next meeting will also be used to map out the timing of future meetings, and the order in which additional proposals will be reviewed.