September | 2019



University Hall


From movie in day and beyond, Josh can always be found interacting with his community making everyone feel welcome! He always has a smile on his face and is ready to say hello to everyone he passes. Whether he's in the common room cooking or hanging out with friends, Josh is a friendly light within D/E4 that UHall is extremely grateful to have! 

Coulee View


Andrew has been nominated for resident of the month for his positive attitude and contribution to making residency great. He continuously offered to clean The Hive when it was left messy so that others could continue to enjoy the social area. He has set the tone for others to be conscious about their space and be respectful so therefore, he has contributed to making a clean and social community. We don’t want his kindness to go unnoticed and by recognising him as resident of the month we hope he feels inspired to continue being a positive role model for the floor and Coulee View!



Karan is an engaged member of the residence community who brings a contagious energy to any situation. He is a great communicator who is not afraid to engage in conversation with new people, and actively seeks out new relationships. His friendly demeanor and humorous personality has been an appreciated addition to our floor!