September | 2018



University Hall


Nick is one of the most out going and never out spoken residents. He is always involved in any way possible with the community whether it be going to events hosted by ORS, knocking on residents doors to ask how their day was or even just cracking a joke when that mid term exam stress has hit everyone. His work ethic for school is strong and the only thing stronger than his passion to learn is his passion for his community. Nick is a fantastic individual to have around and it truly is a blessing that he lives in residence. Way to go Nick!!

Coulee View


Ethan is a resident that has stood out since the first night of everyone moving in. He not only engaged with everyone on his floor but with the RAs as well. Ethan is also willing to help the team out even when the mess isn’t his to help clean up. He was nothing but kind to everyone in the facility and we are all very happy to have him in Coulee View!



He has been instrumental in generating a sense of community in our section, especially on the fifth floor. He has showed up at every single event so far, and he has been high energy, talking to everybody, and just brings a "it" to everything he shows up to. On top of all that, he has been an unreal resource to his RAs, bringing a perspective on the fifth floor that has been historically hard to crack, and we have been seeing great turnout from that fifth floor thanks in part to his help!