President's Message

Dear Residents,

To all of you new to residence, welcome! To all of you returning to residence, welcome back! The U of L and residence has become something like a second home to me over the last few years, and I hope that it will become the same for all of you.

Get ready for an amazing year! Living on campus is a wonderful, unique experience and all of us on the ORS council are here to make it as best as it can be. Our priority is to give you all a great experience while you’re here with us, giving you a community that is welcoming, supportive, and most of all, fun!

There will be so much stuff for you to do here – your RAs will put on floor events and hold floor meetings, your VPs will put on facilitywide events for your whole building/facility, and I will be planning events for all of residence! There are also committees made up of ORS Council members, each with a different focus, such as Residence Wars, cabarets, health and wellness, and community involvement. Some of my personal favourites are Tug-o-War, Winter Formal, paint nights, and playing on the ORS intramural hockey team! You can expect to see events like these and more over the next 8 months – I look forward to meeting you at some of them! Beyond that, we’ll be hosting regular sessions, workshops, and activities that focus on keeping you active and healthy, as well as equipping you with the skills to make the most of your years here at the U of L.

The next bit is all up to you, your roommate(s), and your floormates. Your experience here on residence will exactly what you make of it – the more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it. I know exactly how nervous and anxious you may be, coming into this brandnew environment away from home, but I urge you to take a leap of faith and get out your comfort zone! Attend events, spruce up your wardrobe with your section’s Residence Wars colours, keep your door open, and get to know your neighbours and your section! Let’s make this a year one to remember!

See you around!
Jonathan Diaz

President, Organization of Residence Students (ORS)