October | 2019



University Hall


Daniel is the glue of C-Block. People gravitate towards him because of the positive energy he brings to the community and he's always willing to help others. Even in his short time here, he has stood out as a shining example both in residence and through his involvement in the larger campus community, such as through his volunteering with the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. We are very proud of him and hope he keeps up the great work

Coulee View


Our resident of the month is Tom L because he constantly establishes a positive community. He is always out and about interacting with people from our entire floor. He uplifts our community with his positive attitude and has shown leadership in a variety of ways. Keep being awesome Tom!.



We’re so glad that our resident Noah is October’s Resident of the Month. He is a very shining human being and always tries his best to make sure everyone around him is feeling comfortable and supported! Noah is an active attendee of campus events and activities and its always someone I am happy to see whenever an event is happening since the beginning of the semester! Noah is always someone I can count on to be outgoing and especially accepting of those around him and being involved in our residence community!