November | 2019

University Hall


The lovely Quinn Larder continues to exude a contagious positivity to the entire University Hall community! Quinn shines in the residence community whether it be with his cheerful presence, his ability to strike up a conversation with anyone, or his willingness to get involved with events on campus! It has been an absolute pleasure to watch Quinn grow since September, and D/E1 is truly fortunate to have such a genuine and kind person to help make University Hall a home!

Coulee View


Everett has been super involved both in the floor and the residence community as a whole. He comes out to events and is super inclusive with everyone. Everett brings the building together making sure anyone and everyone is able to attend events no matter what.



Jesseis just a very kind and friendly individual. He's openly friendly and inclusive to other residents, and very respectful to where we live, RAs and Housing!