November | 2019


University Hall


Maria is such a positive force in residence. She can be found talking to anyone on her floor and many people from other sections as well. She is welcoming, inviting, and having a conversation with her is always a friendly interaction. She often comes to events and is a recognizable face around campus. Her friendliness towards others continues to go above and beyond

Coulee View


Keona is always coming out to every event, always with a smile and excited to be there. She’s investing her time into developing a good community in residence and committed to interacting with people on her floor and people on others including RA’s. Everywhere she goes she always has a positive attitude, respectful and says hi to everybody. Keona has been a great addition to intramural sports teams this year and encourages others to succeed and have fun. Keona is eager and inspired to learn and grow. For these reason amongst more, we’ve decided Keona is the resident of the month.  



Ryan has been a standout resident in Parkway this month! He has yet to miss an event and always shows up with a smile on his face. His willingness to help clean up after events has not gone unnoticed by the RA’s in Parkway :) We are so happy to have him living on campus with us!