March | 2020

University Hall


Adam and Eric have been quite the amazing duo to have in the University Hall facility! Everyone knows the twins and everyone can always count on them to come out to events, I don’t think they have ever missed one! They are a huge presence on the floor and they always try to make everyone feel included. Thanks for being great Adam and Eric!

Coulee View


Suzanne has been an incredible resident in the Coulee View facility. She frequently comes out to facility wide events and always has a friendly face around Kainai. She is always saying hello in the halls and has a great presence around the building. Thanks for being such a great resident Suzanne!



Sam is a 4th year Kinesiology and Accounting major, and has lived on campus for her entire time at the U of L. Sam is an outstanding member of the Village this year, coming out to all events and making her presence known to the RA team. She is a bright, logical, sassy and extraordinary resident in Parkway and has really made a mark during her time on campus. Over this year Sam has been an positive member of the Parkway community, and is so valued by her friends and peers! Thanks for everything Sam!