January | 2020


University Hall


Liam has one of the biggest and kindest hearts ever. He is so inclusive, resilient, and strong. Liam is a such a positive light on D/E1 and always looks out for the well-being of others on our floor. He is such a special and awesome person and truly deserves this recognition!

Coulee View


Eric consistently fuels our community with positive vibes. His friendliness and welcoming attitude has influenced our facility greatly. Eric takes time out of his day to recognize and understand what others may be going through. He provides support and encouragement where needed, and approaches situations with great enthusiasm. Eric is a strong example of a resident that has created a well balanced study and social life and inspires others in our community to be like him.



Alex Dodd is such a bright and happy presence on the floor. She smiles and waves and tries to say hello whenever she passes someone in the hallway. She comes to every floor, facility wide and residence wide event she can. Alex is also a genuinely sweet and caring human who wants to appreciate and show support to everyone she knows