January | 2020

University Hall


Madi has been an exceptional resident and a shining beacon of leadership, friendliness, and creativity. Madi has been a source of friendship to many of our residents across not just our entire floor but spreading to many other sections as well. She treats everyone with kindness and is always willing to give her time or lend a helping hand. Though Madi is not only kind to her friends but turns her friendliness towards anyone who she comes across; whether it be security guards, cleaning staff, or guests of the University of Lethbridge. She is a great leader always encouraging her fellow residents to attend floor events, Residence Wars, as well as Residence Life and ARC events. We are very proud to have her represent D/E 4, University Hall, and the University of Lethbridge overall.

Coulee View


They are both very welcoming to everyone on the floor and are always going out to events. They made themselves some “get to know your neighbours” pages just like the ones the RAs have in the lobby of kainai and piikani. That also had candy canes outside their door for anyone to take during finals season. They have helpt build a floor community and continue to do so as the semester goes on. 



Our resident of the month for January is Richard. He is a BE 3/4 resident. He has started the Humans of Uleth page, is an active member of the floor community and has helped create a positive atmosphere amongst the section.