Hugs from Home

Program Details

The Hugs from Home program is a way for parents to connect with and support their students near the end of the term, when papers are due and final exams are around the corner. This time of year can be very stressful and especially hard to be away from family, it also doesn't help that the days get shorter. It is the perfect time to send your love and encouragement with a Hug from Home! Our 2016 Campaign included a U of L branded toque and mitts set, as well as a personalized note from family. Proceeds from this initiative went to supporting students.

2017 Hugs From Home

Thank you so much for looking into the U of L Housing Hugs from Home. Unfortunately, this year we are unable to offer this great program as we are transitioning our e-commerce software.

BUT WAIT…If you still wish to send your student a gift of support and encouragement you can purchase a gift from the U of L Bookstore.