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Host Responsibilities

A "guest" is anyone the resident allows entry to any residence space.

It is assumed that if you have a guest here, you will be on campus with your guest.

Guests can be external to the University and are expected to adhere to same code of conduct as U of L students. Note that guests can not request access to residence from RAs or Security Office at any time.

See Guest Parking

Guest Registry

All guests must be signed in and out. In accordance with University Risk and Safety Services, we need to know how many people are on location at any given time.

A guest registry form is available at the Housing Services Office (C420) and required for all guest stays. Overnight guests must be approved by roommates (if applicable) and your RA prior to returning the form to Housing Services. We require the signatures of all parties. Housing Services must approve all overnight guests. You must return the completed guest registry form prior to the guest arrival on campus.

See Guest Registry Form

University Hall House Phones

There are two house phones for your guest’s use. One is located just outside the office on C4 level Housing Services entrance and the other is in the D3 stairwell.

If you are expecting guests, please ensure that they have your phone number so that they can call you and you can meet them at the security door to give them access.

The RA and RAD will NOT be responsible for answering calls made from the House Phone nor will they give entrance permission to your guest.

Overnight Guest Restrictions

Number of guests A Resident may only have ONE overnight guest at a time
Length of visitMaximum of two consecutive night stopover; a maximum of four nights a month
Restricted periods

First two weeks of any given term and once quiet hours have started within each term.

Restricting overnight guests during the first two weeks of the term provides new students the opportunity to become familiar with each other and their facilities. Restricting overnight guests once quiet hours begin at the end of each term allows students to focus on their academic pursuits.