February | 2020

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University Hall


Josh’s stern dedication to his peers is one of many reasons he is February’s Resident of the Month. Josh possesses an ability to engage with anyone in virtually any scenario, always displaying his kind heart and reflecting his strong, moral ethic. Throughout the year, Josh has created connections on the floor and is always in the hub of common room shenanigans. Josh deserves recognition for Resident of the Month for his ability to make people feel included, as well as for the way he has satiated himself through engaging in his various interests such as joining the golf team. Extra-curricular activities are all part of self-care practices that we love to see our residents prioritize. Despite his interesting (just plain wrong) opinions on the greatest Toronto Raptor of all time Kyle Lowry, he is still very deserving of Resident of the Month! It fills Josh and Tess’ hearts with joy and eyes with tears that he is bestowed this honour. 

Coulee View


Ekene is such a friendly, welcoming community member. Ekene's willingness to help anyone demonstrates his kindness and outgoing personality. His vibrance and loquacious nature has contributed greatly in providing other residents with a friendly face around campus, as well as bringing our community together. Ekene's enthusiasm and engagement in conversations shows how open and approachable he is, making others feel comfortable and at home.



Kim is such a kind hearted and sweet individual. She’s always smiling and has such a warm presence in the residence community.  She's always  outgoing, always coming out to events, and is consistently engaging herself with events and others. She even offered to donate blood when nobody else could! Kim is a great presence in the Townhomes and Blakiston as  a whole!!