Snapshot 2017

Chris Hosgood

Dear Friends,
Another busy and very special year is almost over and it is time to wish everyone a healthy and happy holiday season.

The University community is concluding our celebration of 50 years of excellence in education and research. My colleagues in Health Sciences contributed to these celebrations with Five Days of Health, which provided a selection of healthy activities over a week in September. Read more.

Making a difference

Master of Nursing student Reema Khullar (BN ’10) is researching evidence behind enhancing recovery after surgery and ways it can be translated into practice to increase the quality of patient care.

Joyce D’Andrea receives the 2017 Friends of Health Sciences Award

Longtime nursing educator Joyce D'Andrea was recognized for her dedication to preparing thousands of students for work as professional nurses during her career that blended her passions for teaching and nursing. 
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Janelle Pritchard (BN ’12) honoured as the 2017 Young Alumna of the Year

The founder and driving force behind Uphill Both Ways Education and Relief Foundation, Janelle Pritchard (BN ’12) is an example of the profound difference one person can make in the world.

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How does where you live affect your health?

Focusing on care for older adults in rural Alberta, Dr. Julia Brassolotto, Alberta Innovates Research Chair in Healthy Futures and Well-being, is examining how living in a rural area affects health and health care. Read more.

First-hand experience leads to first-prize

An undergraduate student in Dr. Bonnie Lee’s Health and Culture in China field study, Fallan Curtis had a first-hand experience with the Chinese health system, which ultimately resulted in her receiving this year’s Michael Chan Prize in Asian Studies.

Shining student

Glowing with inspiration, Teigen Robin, an addictions counselling student in the undergraduate program, is proof of someone who has overcome obstacles and has a bright future ahead.

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50 Voices Project

In celebration of the University of Lethbridge’s 50th anniversary in 2017, the 50 Voices project captures the University’s iconic stories, and those yet to be told. Health sciences faculty members share their memories.

Dr. Judith Kulig discusses her groundwork in establishing the Aboriginal Nursing Program. Listen now.

Dr. Jean Harrowing speaks about her research experience as an undergraduate at the University. Listen now.

Dr. Chris Hosgood discusses the continuity of the community spirit amongst students, staff and academics at the University over the years. Listen now.

Listen to more 50 voices

Get a behind-the-scenes look

Therapeutic recreation faculty and student share insights on the burgeoning program at the U of L.


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The University of Lethbridge offers graduate programming that can help you take your career to the next level, or in a new and exciting direction.

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Study to offer free online counselling for rural and remote people struggling with gambling disorders

For people living in rural communities and experiencing problems with gambling, the support and resources available to help them are often limited. Dr. Darren Christensen and his team are bringing free online counselling to those in need as part of a new study.

In the news 

University of Lethbridge students are preparing to travel to Malawi in May 2018 where they will work with rural children around malaria prevention and treatment.

To support those efforts in a practical way, the students are busy raising funds to purchase and distribute insecticide-treated mosquito nets to vulnerable families who cannot afford this simple, life-saving item. Our goal is to buy at least 1,000 nets which will cost $15,000.

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