NESA Policies & Guidelines

NESA BN Program Policies

Attendance | Appendix (April 2019)

Audio and Visual Recording (March 2019)

• Policy CNSA Conference Delegate Attendee Application Form (May 2019)

• Fitness to Practice (May 2019)

Gifting (January 2019)

Joint Faculty Agenda and Minutes (March 2019)

Late Student Submissions for Evaluation (January 2019)

Media Policy (May 2019)

NURS 4750 Practice Learning Placements and Employment (March 2019)

Pre-Placement Requirements (January 2019)

Professional Conduct (April 2019)

NESA BN Programs Handbook Revisions (May 2019)

Student Participation in NESA BN Programs Governance (January 2019)

Student Uniform/Dress (January 2019)

Supplemental Practice-Based Experiences | Appendix (April 2019)

NESA BN Program Guidelines

AHS Code Orange Response (January 2019)

Annual Course Report (March 2019)

Communication Among Instructors (April 2019)

Critical Incident Communication and Reporting (March 2019)

Cross Teaching for the NESA BN Programs (January 2019)

Enhancement Plan (January 2019)

NESA BN Program Fast Track Option Application (January 2019)

Orientation of Practice Instructors (April 2019)

Out-of-Region Practice and Specialty Preceptorship Placement Preference Application (January 2019)

Participation in Social Media (January 2019)

Practice Instructor Uniform Dress (January 2019)

Practice Instructor Role (January 2019)

Student Reference Request | Appendix  (January 2019)

Supporting Competence in Medication Administration (January 2019)

Theory Instructor Role (January 2019)