Faculty Thesis Supervisors

Applicants must identify and secure a potential thesis supervisor before they can apply to the Master of Science program. Applicants should contact potential supervisors directly (see links below). Supervisors may agree to supervise students based on a number of criteria, including areas of research expertise and familiarity with research methodologies. Subject to availablility, faculty available to supervise M.Sc. students include:

- Dr. Olu Awosoga
- Dr. Julia Brassolotto
- Dr. Sienna Caspar
- Dr. Darren Christensen
- Dr. Cheryl Currie
- Dr. Lisa Howard
- Dr. Richard Larouche
- Dr. Bonnie Lee
- Dr. Brenda Leung
- Dr. Toupey Luft
- Dr. Tracy Oosterbroek
- Dr. Em Pijl
- Dr. James Sanders
- Dr. Monique Sedgwick
- Dr. Shannon Spenceley
- Dr. Claudia Steinke
- Dr. Janice Victor
- Dr. Robert Williams
- Dr. Mark Zieber

Once a supervisor has been arranged -- and once the student has been successfully admitted into the M.Sc. program -- the supervisor (in consultation with the student) will arrange for a minimum of two other faculty members to serve as thesis committee members.