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Room Name Title Phone
M3083 General Inquiries    403-329-2699
   Fax    403-329-2668
Student Program Services
M3080 Christman, Marina Internship Specialist 403-329-2576
M3078 Froehlich, Tara Academic Advisor-B.H.Sc. & B.T.R. 403-329-2649
M3076 Hogeweide, Sherry Academic Advisor-B.N. & B.N.A.D. 403-329-2220
M3100 Lamb, Marilyn Learning Facilitator-Indigenous Student Supports 403-332-4579
Dean's Office
M3098 Haag, Shauna Administrative Assistant 403-382-7152
M3083 Lawson, Sharon Administrative Support 403-382-7186
M3083 Martinez, Shawna Administrative Support  403-329-2610
M3102 Masuda, Kristie Program Specialist 403-329-2674
M3083 Mills, Lansing On Leave  
M3096 Morton, Jan Financial Analyst 403-382-7118
M3088 Sedgwick, Monique Acting Associate Dean  403-329-2432
M3092 Smith, Pam Administrative Manager 403-329-2676
M3090 Spenceley, Shannon Acting Dean 403-329-2676
M3083 Wiebe, Rachelle Administrative Support 403-329-2699
Aboriginal Health
M3115 McKay, Bill Coordinator - Aboriginal Health 403-382-7165
M3065 Victor, Janice Assistant Professor 403-317-2861


Addictions Counselling & Alberta Gambling Research Institute (AGRI)
M3042 Chasse, Callista Instructor 403-329-2214
M3011 Christensen, Darren Associate Professor/AGRI Chair 403-329-5124
M3056 Gaetz, Cindy Instructor 403-332-4093
M3015 Kardolus, Erin Instructor TBD
M3037 Lee, Bonnie Associate Professor 403-317-5047
M3043 Luft, Toupey Assistant Professor 403-329-2644
M3041 Sanders, James Assistant Professor/Program Coordinator 403-332-5234
M3034 Solowoniuk, Jason Instructor 403-329-2597
M3017 Williams, Robert Professor & AGRI Node Coordinator 403-382-7128
M3070 Witdouck, Sandy Instructor 403-332-4517
Health Sciences
M3059 Awosoga, Olu Associate Professor 403-332-4058
M3015 Aitkens, Danielle Instructor 403-329-2278
M3124 Ander, Karen Instructor 403-332-4032
M3126 Bevans, Maralon Instructor 403-332-5242
M3112 Dersch, Sharon Simulation Health Centre Coordinator 403-332-4092
M3064 Devoy, Trenna Instructor 403-332-4088
M3129 Haight, Katherine Instructor 403-394-3947
M3119 Harrowing, Jean Associate Professor 403-394-3944
M3069 Howard, Lisa Assistant Professor 403-329-2005
M3071 Kellett, Peter Assistant Professor 403-329-2643
M3058 Magnuson, Morgan Instructor 403-332-4098
M3114 Marthiensen, Bob Instructor 403-329-2025
M3115 McKay, Bill Instructor 403-382-7165
M3118 Neher-Schwengler, Marci Instructor TBD
M3125 Nugent, Mary Instructor 403-332-5278
M3094 Oosterbroek, Tracy Assistant Professor/Assistant Dean, Nursing 403-317-5067
M3055 Pijl, Em Assistant Professor 403-332-5232
M3062 Rowles, Karen Instructor 403-332-4061
M3067 Sedgwick, Monique Acting Associate Dean 403-332-5254
M3009 Smith, Geraldine Instructor 403-382-7130
M3065 Spenceley, Shannon Acting Dean 403-329-2432
M3121 Steinke, Claudia Associate Professor 403-394-3945
M3117 Vande Griend, Tara Instructor 403-332-5256
M3066 Vandenberg, Shannon Instructor 403-332-4085
M3060 Veldman, Heidi Instructor 403-332-4576
M3068 Waldorf, Ryan Instructor 403-332-4066
M3127 Wells, Karen Instructor 403-329-2583
M3116 Wengel, Jason Instructor 403-332-5214
M2005 Williams, Joanne Nursing Skills Lab Technician 403-332-4622
M3123 Wilson, Penni Instructor 403-332-4031
M3118 Wojtowicz, Bernadine Instructor 403-382-7119
M3113 Zieber, Mark Assistant Professor 403-329-2659
Public Health
M3063 Brassolotto, Julia Assistant Professor 403-332-4059
M3051 Currie, Cheryl Associate Professor 403-332-4060
M3064 Koso, Silvia Instructor 403-332-4088
M3049 Larouche, Richard Assistant Professor 403-332-4439
M3057 Leung, Brenda Assistant Professor 403-329-2366
M3054 Patel, Nimesh Coordinator - Public Health 403-329-2299
M3047 Walker, Ali On leave 403-332-4097
M3056 Zhu, Carina Instructor 403-332-4423
Therapeutic Recreation
M3045 Caspar, Sienna Associate Professor 403-329-2724
N/A Crouse, Zac Instructor N/A
M3060 Douziech, Aimee Instructor 403-332-4576
M3039 Litchke, Lyn Associate Professor TBD
M3053 McNeill, Devan Coordinator - Therapeutic Recreation 403-332-4456

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