COVID-19 resources | Our faculty and staff are committed to providing you an exceptional learning experience this September.


Until further notice, all academic advising appointments will be conducted by email or telephone. If you already have a booked appointment, this appointment will be shifted to a telephone appointment. If you have any questions about your appointment, email the appropriate advisor for direction.

For questions relating to the COVID19 situation, you should email   

NOTE: Special academic arrangements for students who self-report being quarantined/ill due to the COVID-19 or other contagious illnesses

Students who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or have symptoms linked to this disease are being told to self-isolate and to self-report their absence online at:  Similarly, students who have weakened immune systems or other conditions or situations that would put them or their families at increased risk if exposed to the possibility of COVID-19 are encouraged to self-report their absence on this same site. In each case, this is in lieu of providing supporting medical documentation and the absence will be automatically approved in light of the extraordinary circumstances.