B.N. After Degree Tuition and Fees

Due to the collaborative nature of the Bachelor of Nursing After Degree program, students must pay tuition and fees at Lethbridge College for the first two semesters of the program (plus one course in the Fall term at the U of L). Tuition and fees for the remainder of the program are paid to the University of Lethbridge. Refer to the links below to see the Tuition Fee guidelines for each institution: Lethbridge College & University of Lethbridge

The totals below are only an estimated figure, actual costs will be reflected at time of registration. Please refer to Lethbridge College website for the estimated tuition costs for the first two semesters.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING STUDENT LOANS: Students are considered full-time at Lethbridge College for the first two semesters and full-time at the U of L for all remaining semesters.

For the first term the courses and credits for Canadian students are as follows (**International Students, please refer to the links above**):
NSG 181 (6 credits at LC) - (refer to LC fees - scroll to bottom)
NSG 182 (6 credits at LC) - (refer to LC fees)
NURS 3360 (3 credits at UofL) - $655.37 (domestic) or $1365.22 (international)

Second term:
NSG 250 (3 credits at LC) - (refer to LC fees)
NSG 290 (3 credits at LC) - (refer to LC fees)
NSG 263 (12 credits at LC) - (refer to LC fees)

Third term:
NURS 2125 (3 credits at UofL)
NURS 2255 (5 credits at UofL)
NURS 3125 (3 credits at UofL)
NURS 4511 (5 credits at UofL)
/ $2900 (domestic) OR $8600 (International)

Fourth term:
NURS 3135 (3 credits at UofL)
NURS 3020 (3 credits at UofL)
NURS 4520 (6 credits at UofL)
/ $2700 (domestic) or $6200 (international)

Fifth term:
NURS 4135 (3 credits at UofL)
NURS 3230 (3 credits at UofL)
NURS 4530 (6 credits at UofL)
/ $2700 (domestic) or $6200 (International)

Sixth term:
NURS 4750 (15 credits at UofL)
/ $3250 (domestic) or $7600 (international)

Please note: you may be able to view a detail of your costs for these first two terms by logging into your online accounts at both intuitions; any courses currently registered in should show as tuition owing.

Miscellaneous Costs

• Blue nursing scrubs
• Stethoscope
• Blood pressure cuff
• Pen lights

All items are available at the Lethbridge College Bookstore, as well as other vendors within the community.

Questions regarding student loans can be directed to the Scholarships & Student Finance Office at the University of Lethbridge:

Office: AH151 (Anderson Hall)
Phone: 403-329-2585
Fax: 403-382-7110
Email: fin.aid@uleth.ca