The Graduate Teaching Assistant Professional Development (GTA-PD) Program provides an opportunity for professional development in critical teaching skills, equipping graduate students to carry out their teaching duties effectively and enhance their teaching skills as their careers advance. The skills developed through attendance at various workshops in the GTA-PD program are valuable for both current and future teaching roles, and are designed to be transferable into the multitude of roles our students may go on to hold in their future careers.

The GTA-PD Program is run by the University of Lethbridge’s Teaching Centre experts and covers a variety of topic areas related to the various tasks that may be assigned to Graduate Teaching Assistants. Workshops address topics such as professional expectations and responsibilities, establishing a productive learning environment, dealing with students, classroom management, grading and assessment, leading discussion groups, preparing a presentation, the multicultural classroom, teaching and learning styles, and other important topics. Graduate students who have participated in sessions receive formal recognition of participation in this academic, professional development program via a “Certificate of Participation”. Graduate students are also strongly encouraged to attend the Teaching Centre's Talking about Teaching and Spark: Teaching Symposium events. 

For more information on the program please visit the Teaching Centre Website. To see a current schedule of offerings and to register for available courses please check THRIVE events calendar.