THRIVE events are optional, but highly beneficial. Workshops and events hosted by THRIVE and our partners help graduate students to develop transferable skills, gain a competitive advantage after graduation, increase professional employability, and find success in their careers. THRIVE events help students develop skills, but also to identify and utilize skills they already have.

Participation in THRIVE or SET workshops and events is not required for the completion of any program. However, it is strongly recommended that you participate in any opportunity that benefits your personal and professional development, as it can improve your career trajectory and there is no cost to do so. 

The Student Experience Transcript (SET) tracks your involvement in all applicable opportunities that you have participated in. It is important that you register and sign in at all events you attend to recieve this credit. 

The SET compliments your academic transcript by tracking your learning outside of the classroom (workshops, co-op, etc.). It is an official record of your curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular experiential learning. For more information on the SET, please check out this blog.

Many THRIVE workshops (such as EndNote, Writing With Integrity, Instructional Skills Workshop and more) provide a completion certificate. At the conclusion of the academic year, students who have participated in the Teaching Centre's Graduate Teaching Assistant Professional Development workshops are also eligible to receive a “Certificate of Participation” documenting their hours of participation in the program.

THRIVE and our partners offer a variety of workshops and events in teaching, research skills, and career development. For more information about upcoming workshops, please see the events calendar.

Some of our workshops are open to senior undergraduates and alumni. Please direct questions about eligibility to the event facilitator or to thrive@uleth.ca.

Career and Employment Services - Career Coaches provide a range of services that create a knowledge and resource bridge between the academic world and the work world, to help you navigate the transition between school, job search, and employment as successful employees.

Co-operative Education - See here for information regarding amazing Co-op opportunities for graduate students.

Beyond the Professoriate - uLethbridge alumnus Dr. Maren Wood and Dr. Jennifer Polk have built a community to help graduate students find successful non-academic careers.

ImaginePHD: An incredibly useful professional development tool that allow you to assess your own skillset and values, as well as identify potential career paths. Tailored for Social Science and Humanities grad students at any stage of their graduate career (MA or PhD).

myIDP: A career and professional development tool designed for graduate students in the Sciences.

Versatile PhD: Versatile PhD is the oldest, largest online community dedicated to non-academic and non-faculty careers for PhDs in humanities, social science and STEM.

You can email thrive@uleth.ca with any Professional Development workshop or event requests or recommendations.

You cannot register for events and workshops on the THRIVE calendar. Instead, visit the Event Calendar or follow an event link from the THRIVE Calendar to the event you are interested. If it accepts registration, click on the "Register for this event" button .