School of Graduate Studies Objectives

Driven by our mission of commitment to our students, the University of Lethbridge will continue to develop, expand, and enhance graduate education through the dedicated and directed pursuit of four objectives:

Objective 1: Strategic Growth and Diversification

We will grow and diversify our graduate programs, and our graduate student population, in a manner that clearly reflects the University’s strategic academic and research priorities, and in ways that operationalize our University’s ardent commitment to academic quality and research excellence. Graduate growth and diversification will be connected to a clear and consensual understanding of University capacity in all of its dimensions, including availability of faculty supervisors, spaces for graduate student research and creative activity, funds for graduate student financial support, resources for graduate marketing and recruitment, and services to support the graduate student lifecycle and experience.

Objective 2: Vibrant Graduate Student Culture

We will cultivate a campus culture where graduate students across all programs can be connected and their accomplishments can be celebrated. This requires ongoing commitment and support for meaningful graduate student symposia, conferences, and other student-driven initiatives that respond thoughtfully to the work and the social needs of a diverse student population, including Indigenous and International graduate students. It also requires a comprehensive commitment to inclusion, such that the presence and concerns of graduate students are seamlessly woven into all broader University initiatives to improve campus life.

Objective 3: Comprehensive Educational Experience

We will create opportunities for a comprehensive graduate experience, beyond the boundaries of academic programs. To that end, we will cultivate the values of liberal education through increased opportunities for experiential learning and transdisciplinary scholarship at the graduate level. We will honour the recommendations of the report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission through the Indigenization of selected graduate programs, curricula, assistantships, and culminating activities. We will provide a continuously supportive graduate student experience, through a commitment to ongoing orientation, from inquiry through to convocation and beyond.

Objective 4: Supportive Organizational Environment

We will sustain and continuously improve an organizational environment that is efficient, effective, respectful, and which supports an exemplary graduate experience for students, their supervisors, and University staff. We will continue to audit and improve policies, as well as digitize and automate all processes, related to the graduate student lifecycle. We will continue to critically assess and optimize the organizational relationships between the School of Graduate Studies and other academic, service, and administrative units on campus. We will maintain a commitment to the quality assurance, and ongoing enhancement, of all graduate programs at the University of Lethbridge.

Directions for Graduate Education 2018 - 2020