Extending a Postdoctoral Fellow

The extension process is very similar to appointing a PDF and is as follows:

Faculty supervisors are responsible for assembling a complete extension package (consisting of the items identified below) and for forwarding it to, and leaving it with, their Faculty Dean. The Faculty Dean will review and approve the application for extension, and the Dean will then forward it to Financial Services for any required funding verification. Financial services will then forward the verified extension package to the School of Graduate Studies (SGS). The SGS will vet and approve the verfied package and extend the formal offer to the prospective PDF. The supervisor will be notified by the SGS when the PDF accepts the offer.

Please allow up to ten business days between submission of the extension package to the Faculty Dean and the issue of a formal offer, by the SGS, to the prospective PDF. Reviewed (by SGS) and signed complete Extension packages must be received by Payroll Services on or prior to the monthly cut-off dates set out by the Payroll Calendar for the month specified in the offer letter. Packages not received by Payroll deadlines will be delayed until the following month.

**NEW: Supervisors who are recruiting an international Postdoctoral Fellow (foreign national) should contact the SGS via email or by phone at 403-329-5117 prior to initiating the appointment/extension paperwork.

If a PDF will be funded by mutliple sources, please complete the PDF Funding Worksheet. The purpose of this worksheet is to formalize and communciate PDF funding commitments within the Faculty of Arts & Science for PDFs who will be paid by multiple sources. This worksheet should be completed prior to the completion of the PDF Payroll Authorization Form. If you have any questions rearding this Workshop please contact the School of Graduate Studies.

For infromation regarding postdoctoral Fellows benefit and CPP/EI costs please visit the Extended Health Benefit Coverage page of the SGS Website.

Required Documentation for a Complete Extension Package

Click below to see a full version of the Postdoctoral Fellows Extension Procedure.

Postdoctoral Fellows Extension Process_2016 (information coming soon!)

If you have any questions regarding extension of a current PDF please contact the School of Graduate Studies.