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Ending Your Master of Science Program Journey Check List

Important Documents for Your Review

Program specific policies and regulations are available in:

Ending Your Graduate Program Check List

In this section:

Submit your Request for Defence

  • A ‘Request for Final Thesis and Oral Examination’ form is due a minimum of 5 weeks prior to the date of the defence
  • A PDF of your thesis needs to be sent to the Dean of Graduate Studies via
  • Refer to the MSc Program Policies & Procedures for detailed information
  • Questions? Contact the SGS

Submit the ‘Recommendation of the Award of the Degree’ form

  • Following a successful thesis defence, you will be required to make any necessary changes to the written thesis and then have the changes approved by your Supervisor/Supervisory Committee. When it has been approved:
    • the Supervisor completes and submits the ‘Recommendation of the Award of the Degree’ form to the School of Graduate Studies
    • you submit an up-to-date CV and a current working copy of your University of Lethbridge transcript to the School of Graduate Studies
  • You will submit a PDF of your thesis through e-thesis submission system. You will receive an email message when the e-thesis permissions have been set up for the account you created. See the E-Thesis Submission page for detailed instructions. Refer to the MSc Program Policies & Procedures for detailed information
  • Students who do not have final approval and have not completed all degree requirements will be required to register for the upcoming semester
  • Questions? Contact the SGS

Make sure you meet your final degree requirements

Apply for Convocation

  • Application for Convocation deadline dates are March 1 for Summer Convocation and August 1 for Fall Convocation.
  • You may apply to convocate if you anticipate completing all degree requirements no later than April 30th (Summer) or no later than August 31st (Fall). You will remain on the convocation list if you have met all degree requirements by these dates.
  • Questions? Contact the SGS

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