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Getting Your Master of Science Program Journey Started Check List

Important Documents for Your Review

Program specific policies and regulations are available in:

Getting Started Check List

For information about getting started with funding and fees, please visit our Master of Science Program Funding & Fees Check List page.

In this section:

Accept your Offer of Admission

  • To accept your offer of admission, submit your ‘Confirmation of Admission’ (COA) form and a $100 deposit to the Cash Office by the date indicated on the form.
  • Due by the date indicated on the ‘Confirmation of Admission’ (COA) form.
  • Questions? Contact the Admissions Office.

Review important documents for your program

Setup your Bridge account

  • The Bridge is uLethbridge’s online information system. It is your gateway for personal information related to your student status with admission, registration and student information
  • To setup your Bridge account:
    • Have your nine-digit uLethbridge ID number and birth date available
    • Visit the Bridge:
    • Click on ‘Need a username?’ on the right-hand side of the page
    • Enter your ID number and birth date
    • Follow the steps including selecting your username, password and security questions
  • Questions? Contact IT (Information Technology) Solutions Centre.

Arrange for all final official transcripts to be sent to Admissions if you have not previously done so

  • If you studied outside of Alberta, must complete this step once you have finished your studies and final transcripts are available
  • If you studied in Alberta, the Admissions Office can obtain transcripts from Alberta Education and most Alberta post-secondary institutions on your behalf
  • You can view an up-to-date list of your outstanding documents through the Admissions Inquiry system in the Bridge
    • Login to the Bridge:
    • Click ‘Registrar’s Office and Student Services’
    • Then ‘Admissions’
    • Finally ‘Admissions Inquiry’
  • To be considered official, Admissions must receive documents directly from the issuing institutions
  • Questions? Contact the Admissions Office.

Get your campus ID card | E610, University Hall

Get in touch with the SGS

Get familiar with the GSA

Login and access your Webmail, your uLethbridge e-mail account

  • Webmail is the primary way uLethbridge will communicate with you
  • Check it often to ensure you don’t miss any communications
  • Login using the same username and password as the Bridge
  • Important note: if you are unable to login to your Webmail but can login to the Bridge, try choosing a new password
  • Your e-mail address will be your username followed by (e.g. Luxie T. Pronghorn's username is luxie.pronghorn, so his e-mail address is
  • Questions? Phone the IT (Information Technology) Solutions Centre at 403-329-2490 or visit them at E610
    • Do not e-mail for assistance with login, username or password inquires. They can only effectively assist you over the phone or in-person

Forward your Webmail

  • You can forward your Webmail to any e-mail account
  • If you forward your Webmail:
    • Webmail will not keep copies of your e-mails. They will only be accessible in your other e-mail account
    • Regularly check your junk or spam folder as it is possible forwarded e-mails may be misidentified as spam
  • Questions? Contact the IT (Information Technology) Solutions Centre:

Know important dates and deadlines

Purchase a parking pass (Off-Campus Students Only)

  • If you will be living off-campus and parking on campus, you need to purchase a parking pass
  • If you are living on-campus, you should have purchased their parking pass through Check In. There you can access residence-specific parking passes
  • More information, including prices and lot options can be found at
  • Check when parking permits become available on the Bridge (follow instructions below)
  • For the best selection, purchase early
  • Parking passes can be purchased through the Bridge
    • Login to the Bridge -
    • Click on 'Registrar's Office and Student Services'
    • Click on 'Cash Office’
    • Click ‘Online Parking Services’
  • Questions? Contact Security and Parking Services.

Sign-up for textbook reservation

  • The Bookstore will package all of the textbooks required for your courses. They will be ready for pick-up at the beginning of the semester
  • At this point, you are only signing up for the service. The list of books required for your courses will not be available until two weeks before the first day of classes
  • Questions? Contact the Bookstore.

View your list of your textbooks

  • You must be registered in courses for the semester for this feature to work
  • Textfinder will provide you with a list of the required and recommended textbooks for each course
  • The system only updates once a day. Any changes to your current course registration will not be reflected until the following day
  • Important note - If you are unable to login to Textfinder but can login to the Bridge, try choosing a new password
  • Questions? Contact the Bookstore.

View the final exam schedule

Access the on-campus wireless on your devices

Sign-up for a Library tour

Register with the Accommodated Learning Centre (ALC)