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Ending Your Master of Science (Management) Program Journey

  1. Students approaching submission of their completed theses for defence must fill out the Request for Thesis Examination Form in conjunction with the Supervisor and Supervisory Committee (regarding dates and time) and submit the form to the Management Graduate Programs Office for review and approval. It is important to consider issues of time changes and Committee member availability when selecting the thesis exam date/time. The Request for Thesis Examination Form should be submitted at least four (4) weeks prior to the proposed date of defence.
  2. Submit a PDF copy of your completed Thesis to the Management Graduate Programs Administrator; who will forward the thesis to the Program Director for review and approval. Once approved, the Program Administrator sends the thesis and Assessment Form to members of the Thesis Exam Committee, and copies of the Notice of Final Thesis Examination to the student, members of the Exam Committee, and the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies. A copy will be posted outside theĀ Dhillon School of Business Reception Office. NOTE: Full-time students who do not defend and submit their final thesis by August 31 of their first year in the program will be registered for the next semester and Continuation Fees will be assessed.
  3. Students are required to be on campus for the defence.
  4. The oral exam will be a maximum of two hours; students should arrive early and be prepared. Both the public presentation and the defence are open to other students and faculty and to members of the community, unless a request from the External Examiner or a request for a closed defence for extraordinary circumstances is approved by the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies. Students have a maximum of 20 minutes to make a public presentation followed by the questioning period. The public attendees are observers and are not a part of the oral examination.
  5. After Examination Committee members have exhausted their questions, the student and the audience are invited to leave the room so that the Thesis Examination Committee can meet in private. Students must remain available during deliberations and will be called back into the room once the Committee reaches a decision on two motions.
  6. Should the Committee reach a decision that requires the scheduling of a second oral defence appropriate arrangements will be made at that time.
  7. Assuming success in the oral, the student must make any and all corrections (however defined) to the satisfaction of the Supervisor (or delegated authority), who then will approve the Final Thesis.

After the Supervisor approves the thesis meets the requirements the procedure for e-thesis submission is followed. See the link to the left for details on e-thesis submission.