E-Project Submission Steps

Please use either a Firefox browser or Internet Explorer browser to access and to upload thesis/project document to e-thesis (e-project) system.

These instructions provide step-by-step directions on how to submit the final PDF copy of your project to OPUS (Open ULeth Scholarship) at the University of Lethbridge.

The project document must strictly adhere to the project formatting regulations and style guides as described in the relevant graduate degree Policies & Procedures manual. Students should ensure that they follow the step-by-step instructions for embedding the required fonts in the final PDF copies of their projects. Ensure your Thesis title is appropriately capitalized (do not use all uppercase letters) as this is how it will appear on your official transcripts. 

After you have completed all required revisions to your project, you will receive an email to your University of Lethbridge account (name@uleth.ca) from the graduate studies program office (e.g., Education, Management, School of Graduate Studies) indicating that you may register for an e-thesis/project account.

Technical/System Assistance

Thesis Submission Assistance

Information Systems and Technical Services
University of Lethbridge Library
Phone: (403) 329-2756
Email: jacob.cameron@uleth.ca

School of Graduate Studies

Step 1: Preparing documents for submission process

Step 2: Start a new submission for Institutional Repository

Step 3: Add/upload your project file

Step 4: Review and confirm your information for your project submission

Step 5: Complete Distribution License form

Step 6: Review by Dean, School of Graduate Studies